Ocupharm Diagnostics

Competitive Advantages

Staff Specialisation

All personnel are closely connected to innovation, research, and the academic world in the fields of ophthalmology and biochemistry

Management System

ll levels and departments are integrated into a management system certified according to the ISO 9001 reference standard and compliant with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)

Traceability of Results

The computer system ensures the traceability of all obtained results

Metrological traceability

The management system ensures the traceability of all results against calibrated and verified standards and equipment

Project-based management


All studies, regardless of their size or duration, are managed as a project within the management system. This allows for detailed and constant monitoring, ensuring their success

Personalised attention

The project manager is responsible for liaising with the client, aiming to ensure rapid and smooth communication at all times

Integrity of Results

All intermediate results are recorded and stored to ensure repeatability, result evidence, and traceability

Time Reduction

All personnel are committed to being strategic, effective, and practical when fully executing each task in every project. This results in greater client satisfaction