Ocupharm diagnostic S.L

Company specialized in assistance and help with the research, development and regulation of ophthalmological products.

Competitive Advantages of the Ocupharm Diagnostics

  • Staff specialization.

All staff  are closely linked to innovation, research and academia in the field of ophthalmology and biochemistry.

  • Management system.

All levels and departments are integrated into a certified management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 reference standard and good laboratory practices (GLP).

  • Traceability of results.

The computer system guarantees the traceability of all the results obtained.

  • Metrological traceability

The management system guarantees the traceability of all results against standards, calibrated and verified equipment.

  • Project management

All studies, regardless of their size or duration, are managed as a project within the management system. This allows detailed and constant monitoring that guarantees its success.

  • Personalized attention

The person responsible for the project is in charge of the dialogue with the client. With the aim of always maintaining fast and fluid communication.

  • Integrity of results

All intermediate results are recorded and saved to ensure repeatability, evidence of result and traceability.

  • Time reduction

All staff are committed to being strategic, effective and practical when fully executing each activity on each project. This results in greater satisfaction for our customers.