Ocupharm diagnostic S.L

Company specialized in assistance and help with the research, development and regulation of ophthalmological products.

History of “Ocupharm Diagnostics”

​Ocupharm Diagnostics S.L was founded by Professor Jesús Pintor in 2006, as a Spin-Off within the Complutense University of Madrid after winning first prize in the “II CONTEST OF IDEAS FOR SPIN-OFF OF RESEARCHERS”.

The close relationship with the Completense University of Madrid has always encouraged and fostered a research environment adapted to the latest technologies.

The technical department provides advice both for the design and development of new products and for studies adapted to market needs.

As a result of this work, the following products have been developed and put on the market:

  • Ozean. Artificial tears for dry eyes.® Manufactured and distributed by AVIZOR INTERNACIONAL, S.L.
  • Visaid Press. Food supplement for eye health. Manufactured and distributed by AVIZOR INTERNACIONAL, S.L.