Ocupharm Research Group

Research group “Pharmacological biochemistry of the eye (Ocupharm-92077)”

Ocupharm Research Group

The research group “Pharmacological biochemistry of the eye (Ocupharm-92077)” is made up of professors, researchers and doctoral students from various Departments and Teaching Units of the Faculty of Optics and Optometry of the Complutense University of Madrid.

Since 1997, when it was founded by Professor Jesús Pintor Just, it has carried out its activity in the field of pharmacological Biochemistry of the eye, its main areas of interest being:

  • The study of purinergic signaling in the eye
  • The study of the melatoninergic system in the eye
  • Research on the ocular surface: tear film, dry eye syndrome, conjunctival surface and corneal scarring, infections…
  • Research in ocular hypertension and glaucoma
  • Research in Advanced Contactology: drug release, irregular cornea…
  • Research in myopia control

This activity has been supported, from its beginnings and until today, by numerous national and international research projects financed by both public organizations and private companies.

In addition, the group is part of organizations, national networks and associations, such as OftaRed or Retibrain, which has allowed us to establish alliances and productive collaborations with other national and European research centers. Thanks to all this, the group also has an important training capacity, which is why we permanently have a high number of students, both master’s and doctoral students, in our team.