Ocupharm diagnostics S.L

Company specialized in assistance and help with the research, development and regulation of ophthalmological products.

Scientific Experimentation.

Ocupharm Diagnostics offers a wide catalog of instrumental techniques capable of satisfying the most varied scientific needs, offering a complete service to our clients, in all phases of regulatory studies.

Cleared up

Determination of the ability of a product to remove compounds from the surface of contact lenses, or the ability of a contact lens care product to be removed from the surface of the contact lenses.



Determination of the ability of contact lens cleaners to remove proteins (present in tears) from their surface.


Determination of the ability of contact lens cleaners to remove lipids (present in tears) from their surface.

Physical Compatibility.

In accordance with EN ISO 11981:2017 Standard.

Determination of the physical compatibility (variations in radius, power, diameter, spectral transmittance and physical appearance) of contact lens care products with them.

Symptom relief

Determination of the ability of products for ophthalmic use to relieve ocular symptoms through clinical trials with patients.


Verification and validation test of the design of ophthalmic products through a process of observation and compilation of data collected during the use of the product by real users.

Post market

Design, depending on the situation, and conduct post-marketing studies based on the collection of clinical data on the use of medical devices in humans.


Assessment of the alteration of the physical-chemical properties (EN ISO 11981:2018) of contact lenses and the growth of microorganisms (UNE-EN ISO 11978:2018/A1:2021), after long periods of conservation in solutions of maintenance.


Determination of TFSQ parameters according to the dewetting ratio of contact lenses to maintenance solutions and artificial tears, to improve their wear and lubrication.


Determination by assay, with MTT reagent, of cell viability after treatment with ophthalmic products. In accordance with EN ISO 10993-5:2009.