Ocupharm diagnostic S.L

Company specialized in assistance and help with the research, development and regulation of ophthalmological products.

Team of “Ocupharm Diagnostics”

At the company “Ocupharm Diagnostics” we know that human capital translates into intellectual capital, this being our most important asset.

Ocupharm diagnostics is made up of multidisciplinary teams with specialists in:

  • Biochemistry
  • Optics and optometry
  • Cito technology
  • Regulatory

Within “Ocupharm Diagnostics”, a self-directed team management model has been implemented.

This is a dynamic leadership methodology, where the figure of the traditional leader is eliminated and replaced by a work team, made up of “compatible” profiles, where everyone has the same objective and decision-making capacity within it.

This methodology, together with project management, results in the following improvements:

  • Training plan more oriented to the real needs demanded in each project.
  • Greater flexibility in each project.
  • Higher motivation index.
  • Greater involvement on the part of the staff, optimizing the achievement of the set objectives.
  • Better work-life balance.
  • Greater responsibility and autonomy of staff.