Ocupharm diagnostic S.L

Company specialized in assistance and help with the research, development and regulation of ophthalmological products.

Institutional statement on the use of experimental animals.

We are convinced that animal experimentation plays a fundamental role in the discovery of the underlying biological mechanisms of disease and in the development of medical treatments. Without animal research, we would not have most of the medications, antibiotics, vaccines and surgical techniques used in human and veterinary medicine today.

A significant part of the research carried out at Ocupharm Diagnostics aims to contribute to the improvement of human health and well-being and is carried out through the use of animals, for example during preclinical toxicity and efficacy studies. necessary to bring new drugs to the clinical phase.

According to current legislation, no compound can be tested on humans without having previously been tested on animals. Preclinical studies aim to anticipate any risks that the drug may cause in humans, so the use of animals in experiments is almost inevitable.

The welfare of animals used for research purposes is of utmost importance to Ocupharm Diagnostics, as is strict compliance with and respect for current legislation on the protection of animals used in research and for other scientific purposes, including education. Our goal is to achieve the highest standards in animal welfare, not only from the point of view of our moral responsibility towards them, but also because we are convinced that we could not achieve excellence in research without adequate animal welfare. Our experiments with animals follow the legal standard and are evaluated by an Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee that promotes the use of alternative methods, the reduction of the number of animals used and the refinement of the experimental protocols applied. Not a single research project that requires the use of animals could be initiated without the adequate and required ethical evaluation and eventual authorization from the competent authorities.

Ocupharm Diagnostics also ensures that staff involved in the care of animals and researchers have adequate education and training and the required professional skills and that all resources are provided to adequately maintain research animals in terms of facilities, breeding, welfare and veterinary care.

All Ocupharm Diagnostics work procedures comply with the EU Directive (2010/63/EU) and the Spanish Regulation (RD 53/2013).